The Full Story...

There is truly only one way to give a full and complete story of what happened to Jason Dickey, and prove Jason's conviction is a travesty of justice. We must publish the trial's transcript along with commentary from people who attended the trial. The trial transcript will give the reader the official record. The additional commentary will let the reader know what was stricken from the record, what was not allowed into the record, and provide other insights of what really happened.

GrassRoots GunRights has already ordered a copy of the official trial transcript. Unfortunately, we are told it will take months before it is ready. But, in the interests of providing as much information as possible and as soon as possible, GrassRoots GunRights will soon publish an account of what happened at the trial as related by GrassRoots GunRights members who attended the trial.

This full account will be posted soon after the next issue of The Defender is published.

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