H. 3292

GrassRoots Analysis: H. 3292
Current Status: In House Judiciary Committee.
Primary Sponsor: Pitts, Cooper, Delleney.
Full Text: H. 3292

February 17, 2011:

The House Judiciary General Laws subcommittee met at 9am to hear public comment on H. 3292. GrassRoots GunRights leaders and members attended and spoke in support of the GrassRoots proposed amendments to H. 3292. Read the GrassRoots prepared statement here. The subcommittee voted to adjourn debate on H. 3292 to allow lawmakers more time to draft (with the help of GrassRoots and others) language for a single amendment to address all the the problems with H. 3292.

January 12, 2011:

Rep. Mike Pitts sponsored bill H. 3292.

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