H. 3405: "Special carry privileges for public officials"

GrassRoots Analysis: To be posted as soon as it is completed.
Current Status: In House Judiciary Committee.
Primary Sponsor: Vick.
Full Text: H. 3405

January 27, 2011:

The House General Laws Subcommittee meet to discuss H. 3405. GrassRoots Gorillas and leaders attended. GrassRoots leaders asked the Subcommittee to amend H. 3405 to allow ALL CWP holders to carry everywhere, not just politicians, or kill the bill altogether. The members of the Subcommittee voted unanimously to adjourn debate (kill) H. 3405.

January 26, 2011:

GrassRoots delivered this letter regarding H. 3405 to the members of the House General Laws Subcommittee. GrassRoots also will deliver this letter to the Subcommittee prior to their meeting tomorrow morning.

January 21, 2011:

Rep. Vick sponsored bill H. 3405.

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