SC CWP now legal in North Carolina!

Good news! We've just got off phone a little bit ago with Capt. Joe Dorton of SLED. As of 1:08PM 8/25/03, SC recognizes NC CWP's and people with SC CWP's may now carry legally in North Carolina! It's a done deal according to Capt. Dorton. Your SC CWP is recognized in North Carolina and just as good as their's is.

It's official. SLED sent a teletype to all SC LEO agencies announcing that NC CWP now good in South Carolina. The NC Attorney General website lists South Carolina as one whose CWP's are recognized in North Carolina.

We were all done with the newspaper layout and doing our final proof-reading. But we're changing The Defender to include the good news and a description of the differences
in the carry laws between the 2 states. They go out the first week in September and we're planning on printing about 20,000 of them this time too, our largest press run to date.

Our thanks to SC Attorney General Henry McMaster and our apologies for mistakenly calling him Robert McMaster. Also our thanks to the thousands of GrassRoots members
who called the governor and their legislators asking for recognition of the NC permits. I've been swamped (and encouraged) by people sending me copies of
their communications with their elected representatives.

According to Capt. Dorton, with the AG opinion they are also now reviewing recognition of Florida's permits in a more favorable light. Just as with North Carolina, if South Carolina recognizes Florida permits, Florida will recognize ours.

The change won't delay the newspaper because we had anticipated it and had a days cushion built in. It will just cost us a little more to redo the layout. But, we're happy to spend the money, given the good news.

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