GrassRoots keeps it’s basic minimum dues as low as possible ($25) so the greatest number of people can participate in our efforts to restore the right of citizens to bear arms in South Carolina wherever and whenever they choose. Our success depends on people! Active, freedom minded, involved people like you working together to restore our rights.

GrassRoots has officers, lobbyists, and volunteers who use their own computers, office equipment and space for the cause of liberty.

GrassRoots needs money for things like postage, printing, telephone calls, faxes, gas, etc. As we grow we may have to hire office space and clerical help. So, please help by renewing your membership today and staying involved. Call your state legislators often and tell them "GrassRoots GunRights speaks for me!"

Your support will greatly encourage those who are successfully leading the fight to restore our rights. But, the magnitude of our success, especially our legislative efforts, will depend greatly on the generosity of those who can afford to give more than the minimum.

Online applications are currently disabled. Please download, print, and return the PDF below, or check back soon for online renewal!

If you would rather mail your application in then click the link below for a printable application. 

Application In PDF Format

Important! Please call your legislators often and tell them you support GrassRoots!

GrassRoots is a 501c4 South Carolina non-profit corporation. Our mission is to lobby state and local governments and businesses to restore the rights of good citizens in this state to peaceably bear arms wherever and whenever they choose. Sorry, but because we lobby, contributions and dues to GrassRoots are NOT deductible for income tax purposes.

Thank you for your support!

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GrassRoots keeps the information you provide us STRICTLY SECRET!    We do NOT and will NEVER disclose our mailing list to anyone outside GrassRoots - not for love, money or fear.  Even within the GrassRoots organization your information is strictly controlled. Only a few GrassRoots workers have access to the mailing list.