Instructions for printing post cards

Some printers will automatically print two-sided documents. Some printers will only print one-sided documents. Some printers will print on the side of the paper facing up, and others will print on the side of the paper that faces down.

Because every printer is not the same, some people may need some help figuring out how to print out these post cards on two sides. These instructions should help you figure out how to print both sides of the post cards correctly.

  1. First, using a sheet of regular paper (not card stock) as a test, make a pencil mark in one corner of the paper, then place it in your printer with the pencil marked side facing up.

  2. Then print out page one of the post cards with the "Dear Representative Viers" message on it.

  3. Notice where the pencil mark is. If it is on the same side as the printed message, This tells you that your printer will print on the side of the paper which faces up. If the pencil mark is on the opposite side of the printed message, this tells you that your printer will print on the side of the paper which faces down.

  4. Place the same piece of paper back into the printer with the pencil mark facing down and print page two with "The Honorable Thad Viers" on it. Notice in which corner the pencil mark is now located.

  5. Now check to see if the front and back are lined up correctly. Are the addresses facing the correct way? Does the card that says "Dear Representative Viers" have the address for "The Honorable Thad Viers" on the back? If not, you will have to do another test using a sheet of paper, following steps above. This time when you get to step #4, place the sheet paper with the pencil mark facing down, but in the opposite corner from the previous test.

By experiementing, you should be able to get your test page to print out correctly, with the Representative names on the front matching up with the correct name on the back.

Once you have a test sheet of paper printed correctly, you will know how to place the card stock into the printer so that it will print out correctly.