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November 2, 2020:

Why GrassRoots?    Why Now?

The Past

     GrassRoots got its start in 1997 with a small group of South Carolina gun owners fresh from the fight to get South Carolina's Shall Issue CWP law passed. With little political experience and less money, keenly aware of national trends in gun rights, they realized we needed a local organization that would protect the interests of all South Carolina gun owners. An early major accomplishment was to convince our legislators to pass a range protection bill that actually protected our shooting ranges.
     They went on to: Obtain meaningful CWP reforms; Simplify the permit application process; Compel SLED to issue permit renewals in a timely manner and not raise prices; Expose discrimination against lawful gun ownership by major insurance companies; Convince large and small business not to ban concealed carry; Win many, many other large and small battles.
     GrassRoots did more than simply resist attacks on our gun rights. GrassRoots actually increased recognition of our rights and improved the lives of gun owners in South Carolina, whether residents of our state or visitors who came here on vacation or business. Their record can be seen in the newsletters, then newspapers GrassRoots published.

The Future

     The future is not all that uncertain. We can be certain large numbers of politicians of whatever party, and at Federal, state and local levels, will eagerly impose "reasonable restrictions" if they think it will get them votes, will get them money from shadowy special interest groups, or both. We can be certain the media will scream "gun violence" without mentioning who is committing the violence, where it too often takes place, or the number of times every year a gun is lawfully used to resist violence. We can be certain the bias against guns and gun owners will continue, not only in what falsehoods are said, but also in what truths are left unsaid.

The Present

     We remember the past, we look to the future, but we must live in the present. Now is the time a small group of dedicated gun owners is trying to resurrect the most effective gun rights organization South Carolina ever had. Now is the time they are asking for our support. Now is the time we must prepare for the future, whatever attacks on our gun rights the future may bring, and whatever opportunities we may find to roll back the infringements already in place. The truth is, we can be certain that some who we hope will speak up for law abiding gun owners — won't. And we can be certain, based on its past performance, that GrassRoots will!

October 24, 2020:


Mark and Patty McCloskey tell Why we NEED GrassRoots SC Now!

What GrassRoots was in the past we can be again, with the help of concerned gun owners in SC.

October 24, 2020:


To get GrassRoots going again, we need people to help ...

Contact GrassRoots

What would you do...?

      Imagine you're standing outside your locked apartment building on the welcome mat under the awning. Suddenly two drunken men about 20 yards away decide they are going to beat you up. They charge you while yelling vulgar threats of how they are going to "beat your ass."
     At first, you can't believe this is really happening. Then, you realize it is indeed happening. Unfortunately, those couple of moments of disbelief have allowed the two drunks to close the distance. Now, they are only 10 yards away from you, still charging, and still cursing and threatening you.
     You are a disabled Army veteran. You served in Korea, Mogadishu in Somalia, and Egypt in Desert Storm. But, nothing has prepared you for something like this. Your 30% Army service disability is due to nerve damage in your right leg, which causes foot drop. So, you can't outrun these two aggressive drunks, and you can't hope to win a fight against two healthy young men either. But, even though you have done nothing to provoke them, they aren't giving you a choice on whether there is going to be a fight or not.

     These two mean drunks are the ones initiating and forcing a violent encounter. They are predators, and you are now their prey.

     You are more afraid now than you have ever been in your entire life. You know these mean drunks are going to cause you serious bodily injury or death because they are still charging and still yelling vulgar threats of how they are going to "beat your ass." You realize you are in a real life nightmare.
Click Here to read the rest of the story.

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A political consultant explains what special interest groups need to do to be successful in the world of politics.

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