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May 18, 2021

We have new problems with our SC gun laws!

Effective political action is needed fix these things. And while we're at it, to get rid of other problems and prevent future restrictions on our RKBA.

Access based politics ("who you know") is not an effective way for us to make political change in South Carolina.

Confrontational based politics, as practiced by GrassRoots and other groups nationwide, has proven very effective.

To be an effective gun person in politics, you need:

1) To know what motivates people and communicate that to them. Learn here

2) To know the facts and have solid evidence to back them up. Learn here

3) To know how to get politicians to do what you want them to do. Learn here

4) Something to put them all together, to be announced ...

Join the SCFirearms email discussion group to learn more.

So Long GrassRoots GunRights SC, it was a good fight!