2011-2012 Legislation Watch

The latest efforts by GrassRoots GunRights of SC to protect the rights of SC gun owners.
Click on one of the bills below to go to its specific page. Bolded bills have become law.

Senate Bills: S. 203 "State carry laws supercede local ordinances."
S. 249 "The SC Firearms Freedom Act."
S. 265
S. 618 "Return a Firearm to owner not guilty/not charged/not needed in murder cases."

House Bills: H. 3116
H. 3127 "Restore Hunting Rights of Non-violent Felons"
H. 3140 Defines 'Assault Weapon' and raises penalties.
H. 3161
H. 3292
H. 3398 "Theft of a firearm"
H. 3405 "Special carry privileges for public officials"
H. 3559 "Ban Secret Compartments in Cars"
H. 3664 "No Employer Bans on Guns in Cars"
H. 3665 Repeal Requirement for Retail Pistol Dealer License
H. 3639 "Remove restrictions on certain locations for CWP carry."
H. 3766
H. 3769

March 1, 2011:

Reps J.M. Neal and Long sponsored H. 3766 & H. 3769.

February 24, 2011:

Senators Cleary and Knotts sponsored S. 618.

February 17, 2011:

The House Judiciary General Laws subcommittee met at 9am to hear public comment on H. 3292. GrassRoots GunRights leaders and members attended and spoke in support of the GrassRoots proposed amendments to H. 3292. Read the GrassRoots prepared statement here. The subcommittee voted to adjourn debate on H. 3292 to allow lawmakers more time to draft (with the help of GrassRoots and others) language for a single amendment to address all the the problems with H. 3292.

February 10, 2011:

Rep. G. R. Smith sponsored H. 3664. Rep. Cooper sponsored H. 3665.

February 9, 2011:

Rep. Vick sponsored H. 3639.

February 7, 2011:

GrassRoots posted an analysis of H. 3292 HERE. PLEASE READ this analysis to understand the problems with H. 3292 that need to be fixed.

February 2, 2011:

Rep. Young sponsored bill H. 3559.

January 27, 2011:

The House General Laws Subcommittee meet to discuss H. 3405. GrassRoots Gorillas and leaders attended. GrassRoots leaders asked the Subcommittee to amend H. 3405 to allow ALL CWP holders to carry everywhere, not just politicians, or kill the bill altogether. The members of the Subcommittee voted unanimously to adjourn debate (kill) H. 3405.

January 26, 2011:

GrassRoots delivered this letter regarding H. 3405 to the members of the House General Laws Subcommittee. GrassRoots also will deliver this letter to the Subcommittee prior to their meeting tomorrow morning.

January 21, 2011:

Rep. Vick sponsored bill H. 3405.

January 20, 2011:

Rep. Mike Pitts sponsored bill H. 3398.

January 12, 2011:

Rep. Mike Pitts sponsored bill H. 3292.

December 15, 2010:

Sen. McConnell prefiled bill S. 265.

December 8, 2010:

Sen. Bright prefiled bill S. 249.

December 7, 2010:

SC House begins prefiling bills for next the legislative session. Rep. Rutherford prefiled bill H. 3127, Rep. Gilliard prefiled bills H. 3116 and H. 3140. Rep. Sellers prefiled H. 3161.

December 1, 2010:

SC Senate begins prefiling bills for next the legislative session. Sen. Campbell prefiled S. 203.

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