What would you do...?

     These mean drunks are now only 15 feet away. You pull your handgun most of the way out of your pocket and show these two drunks you are armed in an attempt to get them to stop their attack. You raise your left hand and tell them to stop. They both stop.
     You feel a moment of relief, but only a moment. Suddenly, the lead drunk yells “I got something for you too”, reaches inside his shirt, and charges straight at you.
     You don’t know what is under this drunk’s shirt - it could be a knife, a razor, a gun, a club, whatever. But, what you do know is that even after seeing you are armed, this drunk is still charging at you with the intent to do you great bodily harm. Even if he is lying and has nothing under his shirt, he is still big enough to take your gun away from you and use it on you if he gets his hands on it. And, there is still the second drunk only 15 feet away who is ready, willing, and able to help his buddy once you are disarmed.
     You have a choice to make. Do you let this drunk get a hold of you and your gun and let him and his accomplice do what they have been saying they are going to do to you, or worse? Or, do you shoot the drunk who is almost upon you now and stop the threat to your life?
     The drunk is only 6 feet away when you quickly pull the trigger three times to save your life. As the drunk is falling down, he drops the vodka bottle that he was reaching for under his shirt. The other drunk comes to the aid of his friend. You call 911.
     The above real life scenario happened to Jason Dickey on April 29, 2004, in Columbia, SC. Somehow, the prosecutor decided the “evil” that needed to be punished was Jason, not the two mean drunks attacking a disabled innocent man. Now, Jason needs your help.
     It was obvious at trial the real “evil” the prosecutor was going after was the South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) program. The prosecutor repeatedly stated that if Jason had not had a CWP, then the dead man would still be alive. What the prosecutor failed to mention is what condition Jason would have been in had he not been able to defend himself against two mean aggressive drunks bent on doing great bodily harm to an innocent person.
     Every CWP holder needs to realize Jason’s trial is only the beginning of the war on CWP holders in SC. There is a saying that “all’s fair in love and war”, and the truth is one of the first casualties in war.
     In this war on the CWP program, the prosecutor did a few things any self respecting person would not have done. For example, the prosecutor objected to allowing a SLED investigative report to be used at trial because it would have helped to clear Jason. Unfortunately, Jason’s attorney had failed to lay the proper foundation for introducing the SLED investigative report into evidence, and thus the SLED investigative report was not allowed to be used to clear Jason once the prosecutor objected. When was the last time you heard of a prosecutor so bent on convicting an innocent man that he would keep reliable evidence out that would help clear an innocent man? Obviously, the truth was not as important as winning the war against the CWP program. This was not the only despicable thing done by the prosecutor to convict an innocent man. To read about all of the despicable things the prosecutor did, please read the full account of the trial.
     Jason was convicted of manslaughter in a flawed trial, and sentenced on September 18, 2006, to 16 years in prison. This is a travesty of justice, and it is a threat to every CWP holder in SC. To see just how wrong this decision was, please read the full account of what happened at trial.

     Ask yourself what you would have done in the same situation. If you would have pulled the trigger too, then Jason and the very existence of the CWP program need your help.

     Two things need to be done ASAP:
1. Get Jason out of prison and clear his good name. Click here to see how.
2. Change the law of self defense to protect innocent victims, not violent predators. Click here to see how.

Click here to read the full account of what happened at Jason Dickey’s trial.


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