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2010 Gun Shows and GrassRoots

With the support of our members, GrassRoots will again have a table at each of the Gun Shows listed below for 2010. From time to time, we also have some special GrassRoots tables at some other venues. As usual it's our volunteers who make it possible for these good things to happen.

Keep checking our Website and future issues of “The Defender”, for announcements and updates.

South Carolina Gun Shows Scheduled for 2010

Charleston Exchange Park Fairgrounds, Ladson
2010- Feb. 20 - 21, June 5 - 6, Sept. 11 - 12, Nov. 27 - 28

Columbia Jamil Shrine Temple
2010- Jan. 16 - 17, Mar. 6 - 7, July 24 - 25, Nov. 13 - 14

Columbia SC State Fairgrounds
2010- March 20 - 21, June 12 - 13, Dec. 11 - 12

Florence Florence Civic Center
2010- Jan. 2 - 3, Apr. 17 - 18, Sept. 25 - 26

Greenville Carolina First Center
2010- Feb. 6 - 7, Apr. 24 - 25, Sept. 18 - 19, Dec. 18 - 19

Myrtle Beach Convention Center
2010- Jan. 30 - 31, Nov. 6 - 7

More and more of our members are giving their time and talents by volunteering to work a shift at our GrassRoots tables at GunShows. Many of these folks find they enjoy the experience and sign up again and again, but there’s always room for new members to help. If you would like to volunteer for a shift just contact your area GrassRoots GunShow Organizer (list below), a week or so prior to the show date and ask to help. You will probably be paired with an experienced show worker for one of the half – day shifts, and you can see how you like it.

When you’re at one of these shows please tell the promoters “Thank You for giving GrassRoots a Table”, so we can promote SC GunRights, and stop by our table to tell the volunteers thanks too.

Gun Show Table Organizers

- Charleston -
Jason Rucker, (843)-696-9808,

- Columbia -
Mike Walguarnery, (803) 315-8112,

- Florence / Myrtle Beach -
Larry Saunders, (843) 399-7102,

- Greenville / Spartanburg -
Mike & Sherry Harris, (864) 313-0744,

GrassRoots GunRights Gun Show Director
Mike Walguarnery, (803) 315-8112,

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