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Constitution & Bill of Rights
Contacting the Congress: Federal Committees
Contacting the Congress: Federal Resources
FedNet - Broadcast Coverage of the Government
FirstGov - Government Search Engine
Government Printing Office
GovSpot - Government Directory
Supreme Court
The Liberty Committee
Thomas Library of Congress

State (South Carolina)
Contact Your Senators, Reps, Governor, & Media
Council of State Governments (SLCAtlanta) CSG
National Association of Attorneys General NAAG
National Association of Counties NACo
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (hunting/fishing/boating)
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division SLED
Carolina Reference Room
Stateline - News & Stats for South Carolina

Information Databases
American Firearms Industry (Amfire) NAFLFD
Constitution Society
Disaster Center
FedStats - Federal Statistics
GunLaws (Bloomfield Press)
Gun Policy & Second Amendment Scholars
JURIST: Gun Laws, Gun Control & Gun Rights
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data NACJD
National Archives & Records Administration NARA
NFA & Other Gun Law Related Info & Cases
Public Records Database Collection (Pac-Info)
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse TRAC
University of Michigan Documents Center

Information Resources
American Sons of Liberty
Bill Dickerson's RKBA Home Page (Machinegun)
Cato Institute
Concealed Carry Weapon - A Parametric Study
Federalist Papers
Firearm Facts Web Page
Firearms & Liberty (at ShadesLanding)
Geeks with Guns GwG
GunCite - To Preserve and Guarantee
Guns And Crime
Guns = Freedom
Independence Institute (
Lock Stock & Barrel
Michael New
More Guns, Less Crime (Dr. John Lott, Jr.)
NFA Weapons FAQ
Right to Keep & Bear Arms (Polyticks)
Second Amendment Stuff
Self-Defense, A Human Right (
Self Defense & Gun Control
Taking-On Gun Control
Talk.Politics.Guns/Pro Gun FAQ
The Locke Institute
True Patriot
WorldWideWeb Gun Defense Clock (GunClock)

Bruce Colodny, Attorney for Gun Owners
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights FEAR
Fully Informed Jury Association FIJA
Gun Owners Foundation GOF
Landmark Legal Foundation LLF

Overlawyered: Firearms Litigation
People's Legal Front PLF
People's Rights Organization PRO
Rights Watch International RWI
Second Amendment Legal Project 2ALP
Southeastern Legal Foundation SLF
Stephen P. Halbrook, Attorney at Law
Why Adopt a Vermont Type CCW Law?

Message Boards & Discussion Groups

FIREARMS Discussion
The Pistol Whipped Cantina
SCfirearms (GrassRoots South Carolina)
Unorganized Militia

AK-47.Net Forums
Assault Web Forums
Glock Talk Forums
Hunt Chat Forums Forums
The Firing Line (TFL) Forums
Weapon Forums

Search Engines & Directories
Gun & Game

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