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C. Rusty Sherrick
Concealed Carry Clothiers
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KG Products
Michael's of Oregon (Uncle-Mikes)

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iFeminists Interaction Forum
SAS Chat (Second Amendment Sisters)
Womens Online Gun Club

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Armed & Female (Paxton Quigly)
Eagle Forum (Phyillis Schafly)
Guardian Angel's Gun Site
Independent Women's Forum IWF
KABA - Women and Guns
Ladies' Weapons
LARGO - Women and Self-Protection
Liz Michael
Michelle Malkin
NWTF - Women in the Outdoors
Refuse To Be A Victim RTBAV
Women & Guns Magazine
Women's Firearm Network (WomenShooters)


Association for Women's Self Defense Advancement AWSDA
Armed Females of America AFA
Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment AWARE
Concerned Women for America CWFA
Mothers Arms
National Federation of Republican Women NFRW
Second Amendment Sisters ( SAS
Liberty Belles
Women Against Gun Control WAGC

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