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ABC's of Reloading 
by C. Rodney James, Handloader's Digest (Editor) 

Advanced Muzzleloader's Guide 
by Toby Bridges 

Age of the Gunfighter: Men andWeapons on the Frontier 1840-1900 
by Joseph G. Rosa 

America's Great Gunmakers 
by Wayne Van Zwoll 

An Introduction to Civil War Small Arms 
by Earl J. Coates, Dean S. Thomas 

Antique Guns: The Collector's Guide 
by John Traister 

Armed & Female
by Paxton Quigley 

Arms Makers of Pennsylvania 
by James B. Whisker 

Arms Makers of Philadelphia 1660-1890(Mellen Studies in History, Vol 8) 
by James B. Whisker 

Arms Makers of Virginia and West Virginia (Mellen Studies in History, Vol 9) 
by James Biser Whisker 

Assault Rifles, Rifles, Combat Shotguns: 
by John A. Norris 



The Best Defense: True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves With a Firearm 
by Robert A. Waters  

The Basic Essentials of Women in the Outdoors
by Judith Niemi  

Becoming an Outdoors Woman: My Outdoor Adventure 
by Christine Thomas 

Big Bore Sixguns 
by John Taffin 

Black Powder Guide 
by George Monte 

Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing 
by Sam Fadala, Dale Storey 

Blue Book of Gun Values (18th Ed) 
by S. Fjestad 

Bolt Action Rifles 
by Frank De Haas 

The Book of the 22: The All-AmericanCaliber 
by Sam Fadala 

Brassey's Essential Guide to MilitarySmall Arms: Design Principles  and Operating Methods 
by Derek Allsop (Editor) 

British Military Firearms 1650-1850 
by Howard L. Blackmore 

Browning Superposed: John M. Browning's Last Legacy 
by Ned Schwing 


The Concealed Handgun Manual: How to Choose, Carry, and Shoot a Gun in Self Defense
by Chris Bird, Ted Bonnet  

Cartridges of the World: A Complete and Illustrated Reference 
Source for over 1500 of the World'd Sporting Cartridges (8th Edition) 
by Frank Barnes, M. L. McPherson (Editor) 

Cartridges for Breech-Loading Rifles: A Contribution to Firearms Instruction 
by A. Mattenheimer, Manfred H. Beutter, George A. Hoyem 

Civil War Firearms Their Historical Background, Tactical Use and Modern Collecting and Shooting 
by Joseph Bilby 

Classic Sporting Rifles 
by Christopher Austyn 

Collector's Guide to the Winchester in the Service 
by Bruce Canfield 

Colonel Burton's Spiller & Burr Revolver An Untimely Venture in Confederate Small-Arms Manufacturing 
by Mathew Norman 

The Colt Armory:  A History of Colt's Manufacturing Company, Inc. 
by Ellsworth S. Grant 

The Colt 45 Exotic Weapons Systems 

Colt: An American Legend / The Official History of Colt Firearms 
by Sid Latham 

Colt Firearms Legends 
VHS Video tape 

Colt: The Making of an AmericanLegend 
by William Hosley 

Colt Peacemaker Encyclopedia 
by Keith Cochran 

Colt Rifles & Muskets from 1847 to 1870 
by Herbert Houze 

Combat Rifles of the 21st Century 

The Complete Black Powder Handbook (3rd Edition) 
by Sam Fadala 

The Complete Black Powder Handbook (Rev Ed) 
by Sam Fadala 

The Complete Book of Survival: How to Protect Yourself Against Revolution, Riots, Hurricanes, Famine and Other Natural and Man-Made Disasters 
by Rainer Stahlberg 

Complete Guide to Compact Handguns 
by Gene Gangarosa 

Complete Guide to Guns & Shooting 
by John Malloy 

A Complete Guide & Introduction to the Exciting Sport of Cowboy Action Shooting VHS Recording 
by Hunter Scott Anderson 

Complete Guide to Service Handguns 
by Gene Gangarosa 

Cowboy Action Shooting 
by Charly Gullett 

Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles 
By Bill MacKin

The Custom Government Model Pistol 
by Layne Simpson 



Dear Mom: A Sniper's Vietnam 
by Joseph T. Ward 



Encyclopedia of Rifles & Handguns: A Comprehensive Guide to Firearms 
by Sean Connolly (Editor) 

Encyclopedia of Ruger Semi-AutomaticRimfire Pistols, 1949-1992 
by Chad Hiddleson 



The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning 
by John S. Farnam&bsp;

The Fighting Handgun: An Illustrated History from the Fintlock to Automatic Weapons 
by Richard Law, Peter Brookesmith 

Firearms Disassembly With Exploded Views 
by John Karns, John Traister 

Firearms of the American West 1866-1894 
by Louis A. Garavaglia, Charles G. Worman 

Firearms in American History 1600-1800 
by C.W. Sawyer 

Flayderman's Guide to Antique AmericanFirearms ...and Their Values 
by Norm Flayderman 



Glock: The New Wave in Combat Handguns 
by Peter Alan Kasler 

Good Guns Again: A Celebration of Fine Sporting Arms 
by Stephen J. Bodio, Christopher S. Smith (Illustrator) 

Gun Collectors Digest 
by Joseph Schroeder (Editor) 

The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery 
by Chuck Taylor, 

The Gun Digest Book of Handgun Reloading 
by Wiley Clapp, Dean A. Grennell 

Gun Digest 1998 (Serial) 
by Ken Warner (Editor) 

The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons 
by Jack Lewis (Editor) 

The Gun Digest Book of 9Mm Handguns 
by Steve Comus 

The Gun Digest Book of Exploded Handgun Drawings 
by Harold Murtz 

The Gun Digest Book of the .45 
by Dean Grennell 

The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values (10th ed) 
by Jack P Lewis 

Gun Digest Book of Shotgun Gunsmithing 
by Ralph Walker 

Gun Digest Book of Riflesmithing 
by Jack Mitchell 

Gunmakers of London 1350-1850 
by Howard L. Blackmore 

Gun Notes Elmer Keith's Guns & Ammo Articles of the 1970's and 1980's 
by Elmer Keith 

Gunpowder and Firearms in the Mamluk Kingdom: A Challenge to Mediaeval Society 
by David Ayalon 

The Gunsmith's Trade 
by James Whisker 

Gunsmithing at Home 
by John Traister 

Gunsmiths of Lancaster and York Counties, Pennsylvania (Mellen Studies in History, Vol 6) 
by James B. Whisker, Stacy B.C. Wood 

Gunsmiths of the Carolinas 1660-1870 
by James Biser Whisker 

Gunsmiths of Western Pennsylvania 1763-1900 (Mellen Studies in History, Vol 7) 

The Gun Review Book 
by Michael McIntosh 

Guns Save Lives: True Stories of Americans Defending Their Lives with Firearms 
by Robert A. Waters, Larry Craig 

Guns Illustrated 1998 (30th Ed) 
by Harold Murtz (Editor) 

Guns of the Elite: Special Forces Firearms, 1940 to the Present 
by George Markham 

Guns of the First World War: Rifles,Handguns and Amunitions for 1909 
by John Walter 

Guns of the Wild West 

Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights: Lessons and Tales from a Modern-Day Gunfighter 
by Jim Cirillo 


Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics: Examining and Interpreting Forensic Evidence 
by Brian Heard 

Handguns '98 (Serial) 
by Ray Ordorca (Editor) 

Handgun Digest 
by Chris Christian, Dean Grennell 

Handgun Stopping Power: The DefinitiveStudy 
by Evan P. Marshall, Edwin J. Sanow 

Handloader's Digest 1998 (17th Ed) 
by Bob Bell (Editor) 

The History of Winchester Firearms 1866-1992 
by Thomas Henshaw (Editor) 

Hunting for Handgunners 
by Larry Kelly, J. D. Jones 

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of 19th Century Firearms 
by Frederick Myatt 

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns: Pistols and Revolvers of the World, 1870 to the Present (Greenhill MilitaryPaperbacks) 
by A. B. Zhuk, John Walter (Editor) 

I and J


In the Gravest Extreme Role of the Firearm 
by Massad F. Ayoob 

The Italian Gun 
by Steve Smith, Laurie Morrow 

K and L


Ken Water's Pet Loads / 2 Books in 1  
by Ken Waters 

Know Your Sheridan Rifles & Pistols 
by Ronald E. Elbe 

Legally Armed 
by Ted Landreth 

Legendary Sporting Rifles 
by Sam Fadala 

Lock, Stock, & Barrel: Making an English Shotgun and Shooting With Consistency 
by Cyril S. Adams, Robert Braden 

The Longrifles of Western Pennsylvania: Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties 
by Richard F. Rosenberger, Charles Kaufman, Bill Owen (Photographer) 

The Luger Handbook 
by Aarron Davis 



Marine Sniper : 93 Confirmed Kills 
by Charles Henderson 

Marlin Firearms: A History of the Guns and the Company That Made Them 
by William S. Brophy 

Mauser Military Rifles of the World 
by Robert W. D. Ball 

Metallic Cartridge Reloading 
by M. L. McPherson, Edward Mutanas 

Military Rifles of Japan 
by Fred L., Jr. Honeycutt, Anthony F. Patt 

Modern Beretta Firearms 
by Gene Jr Gangarosa 

Modern Custom Guns: Walnut, Steel and Uncommon Artistry 
by Tom Turpin 

Modern Guns: Identification &Values (11th Ed) 
by Russel Quertermous, Steve Quertermous 

More Guns, Less Crime  
Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws by John R. Lott 

Muzzleloading (Hunting & Fishing Library) 
by Tobby Bridges 



The Number 5 Jungle Carbine (BritishFirearms) 
by Alan M. Petrillo 

The Official Price Guide to Antique and Modern Firearms (8th ed) 
by Robert H. Balderson 

The Official Guide to Gunmarks 
by Robert H. Baderson, Robert H. Balderson 

The Official R.L. Wilson Price Guide to Firearms 
by R. L. Wilson 



P and Q


P 38 Automatic Pistol: The First Fifty Years 
by Gene, Jr. Gangarosa, Gene Gangaroea 

Packing Iron: Gun Leather of the Frontier West 
by Richard C. Rattenbury 

The Peacemakers: Arms and Adventure in the American West 
by R. L. Wilson, Peter Beard (Photographer) 



Remington Arms Catalogues 1877-1899: Rifles, Carbines, Muskets, Pistols & Shotguns, IllustratedCartridges, Sights, Parts & Accessories 
by Bill West (Compiler), Remington Arms Company 

Remington Firearms: The GoldenAge of Collecting 
by Robert W. D. Ball 

Rifles of the World: The Definitive Illustrated Guide to the World's Centre-Fire Rifles, from 1875 to the PresentDay 
by John Walter 

Ruger & His Guns: A History of the Man, the Company and Their Firearms 
by R. L. Wilson 

The Ruger 10/22 
by Wm. E. Workman, William E. Workman 



SC Gun Law by Stephen Shaw  

Shooting Sports for Women: A Practical Guide to Shotgunning and Riflery for the Outdoorswoman 
by Laurie Morrow, Steve Smith, Laurie Morrown  

Sharps Firearms 
by Frank M Sellers 

Shooter's Bible: 1998 (No 89) 
by William S. Jarrett (Editor) 

Shotgun: History and Development 
by Geoffrey Boothroyd 

Shotguns and Gunsmiths 
by Geoffrey Boothroyd 

Shotguns and Shooting: A Celebrationof the Gun 
by Michael McIntosh, Eldridge Hardie (Illustrator), Gene Hill 

South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Handbook
by Ted Landreth 

Spencer Repeating Firearms 
by Roy Marcot 

Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson  
by Jim Supica, Richard Nahas 

A Study of Colt Conversions and Other Percussion Revolvers  
by R. Bruce McDowell 



Tactical Pistol :   Advanced Gunfighting Concepts And Techniques 
by Gabriel Suarez 

Textbook of Automatic Pistols  (Library Classics Series) 
by Wilson 

To the Dreams of Youth : Winchester: .22 Caliber Single Shot Rifle 
by Herbert G. Houze 

Top Shooter's Guide to the Exciting Sport  

U and V


Unintended Consequences 
by John Ross, Timothy Mullin 

The United States Armory at Springfield 1795-1865 
by James B. Whisker 

United States Naval Handguns 1808-1911 
by Fredrick R. Winter 

W, X, Y, and Z


Weatherby: The Man. the Gun. the Legend. 
by Grits Gresham, Tom Gresham 

Winchester: Complete: All Early Winchester Arms, 
1849-1919, All Varities 
by Bill West 

Winchester's Finest: The Model 21  
by Ned Schwing 

The Winchester Model 52: Perfection in Design 
by Herbert G. Houze 

Winchester Repeating Arms Company: Its History & Development from 1865 to 1981 
by Herbert G. Houze 

Winchester Slide-Action Rifles: Volume I Model 61 & Model 62 
by Ned Schwing 

Winchester Slide-Action Rifles: Volume II Model 1890 & Model 1906 
by Ned Schwing 

The Winchester Model 94: The First 100 Years  
by Robert C. Renneberg 

World War II Small Arms 
by John Weeks 


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